Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Traditions - More Nativities

Last night my homeschool support group held an ornament exchange Christmas Party for our Mom's Night Out. It was a great evening of fun, fellowship and fabulous food! (how's that for some alliteration this morning :) ).

Because I wasn't home, the evening events here didn't follow their normal sequence so after our advent readings our traditional pick the Christmas book didn't happen. I was told they watched a Christmas movie instead. Something about Dogs and Caroling? I'm sure it was a classic. ;-) So I won't be sharing a book today but I will share the rest of my Nativity sets. :)

This fuzzy little snow globe nativity was my very first nativity scene that I received when I was a very young girl, maybe 5ish?  The water needs to be refilled and the plastic is all scratched up, but what a precious little snow globe that I have managed to keep through the years. :)

I should take a better picture of this sweet Precious Moments snow globe nativity!  This one is actually A's but she graciously lets me display it in the nook of our entry way. A. loves snow globes and nativity scenes and well, just about everything to do with Christmas. She is my resident Christmas decorator now and I love watching her create her magic throughout the house. This plays Silent Night and sparkly "snow".  So pretty and peaceful.

This nativity I bought through Christmas Around the World. I don't think it's around anymore. It was one of those MLM companies where you'd host a party, your friends would buy goods and depending on the total sales, you got free merchandise.  Their products were actually really good and pretty decent quality so when I hosted my party my friends and family purchased a bunch and I got a lot of free merchandise.  I still have quite a bit of decorations from that party and they have held up really well for, ahem, well over 2 decades!  This nativity was one of my free gifts.  It lights up (you can see the cords and battery/light holder under the stable hehe) and plays Silent Night.  This is another sweet little nativity.

My next nativity is a mantle scarf that I found at the Brass Pig Tea Room in Springboro, OH.  We enjoyed eating at The Brass Pig when we lived in Ohio, especially at Christmas time. They would set up this huge Christmas display with all sorts of beautiful decorations. I fell in love with this scarf when I saw it and was so excited when I was able to go back and purchase it. I only took pictures of the different scenes. I'll come back later with a full view picture of the entire mantle. :)

 The middle portion has the manger scene

 On the left side are the Wisemen following the star

On the right are the shepherds

 Along the top, is the little town of Bethlehem

 My special nativity is the one from Willow Tree. I love this nativity. I started with just Mary w/ Jesus and Joseph w/ a few of the animals and through the years added another set.  I love all of Willow Tree figurines, the nativity is my most favorite display of all. :)

I think that's all of my nativity scenes, except for the one's on ornaments. If I found anymore, I'll add them in! :)

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