Saturday, September 26, 2009

OCD and other mental ramblings

I have a daughter that has OCD. It is probably one of the hardest things to watch when she's having an episode. There is something about fall that typically sets her off. Her episodes are sometimes short, lasting a few minutes or very, very long, lasting months.

It's fall again. She's struggling again. I saw it coming about a week ago but hoped and prayed it wasn't really happening, she'd be alright. I even mentioned earlier in the evening to dh that it's coming again. Tonight, she had her first real episode. A bad dream that had her worried. I was able to calm her fears fairly quickly. Prayed with her and she fell asleep shortly after that. If only they all could be so easy. :(

So while I used to say fall is my favorite month, I'm beginning to dread it's arrival. Instead of pumpkins and cornhusks, pretty fall colors and cool evenings, I have to travel up and down the worry hill with my daughter worrying myself with each pass if she'll make it to the other side this time.

My prayer is she will be healed, my hope is that Jesus never leaves her side, even in the midst of her worse episodes.

For our Keepers group we're learning hymns each month. Our hymn this month is All is Well with My Soul. A beautiful hymn w/ such amazing words. As we enter this season with trepidation of the unknown I will cling to those words and remember that all is well with my soul.

Friday, September 25, 2009


OCD is rearing it's ugly head again.  I hate it.  I hate what it does to my daughter.  Around this time of year, every year she begins to have problems.  This year we have a move to add to the equation which I know is adding to her stress.

I began seeing signs a week ago and didn't want to believe it was happening, again.  Tonight she had a very minor episode that I was quickly able to help her through.  Now I'm waiting for the big one.  The one that keeps us second guessing ourselves and everything we've ever done.  The one that will take days, maybe weeks or even months to get over.  We had gone so long with nothing and then, wham!  It hits you up the side of the head again.

So much anxiety for such a young person.  It makes me so sad to watch her struggle.  Her own mind working against her.

I love my sweet daughter and I pray that she will be healed very soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Was it really March since I last posted on this blog? Eeks, that's way too long to wait. Especially since I thought I was moving my blog on over here! LOL I haven't written much on my other blog either, so it's not like I've just neglected this little nook.

We have started our school year in earnest this week. We took June off and started school again in July. Life got complicated, which means, I started having some bizarre health problems. As a result my plans for one week stretched into two weeks. By the end of July I was ready for another break due to feeling beyond lousy. We took those 4 weeks of August off doing nothing for school. An actual, true summer break! The kids LOVED it. :)

After that much needed break I was ready to get a routine back into place so we started our school year, in earnest, this week. I now have a 6th, 5th, 3rd, 1st and PKer, along w/ a baby who's needs are growing daily (she doesn't sleep as much as she used to ;) ) and daily home therapy for one of my kiddos.

I will be honest and say that this week was tough. It was tough trying to fit everything in for everybody. I know as we keep plugging away we'll find that routine that will work for all of us.

Here's a picture of my class. :)