Friday, May 8, 2009

She Did It!

I know as homeschoolers we don't really "do grades" but, since this particular year marks a milestone for my eldest, I thought it was fitting to celebrate it a little bit.

My daughter has officially "graduated" from elementary school into middle school.  Today she finished up her 5th grade year!

Working out the last problem as a 5th grader

She now will spend her time finishing up her free reading books, continuing with math and all the free writing she wants (she loves to write).  I'm also going to hand over our Beyond Five in a Row Manuals and let her work at her own pace throughout the lessons getting some extra practice in essay writing as opposed to what she does now, creative writing.

It was a busy year with many interruptions, including a death (grandfather) and a birth (sister).  Through it all E. worked hard and persevered, even when the books weren't what she really wanted to be reading. LOL

I'm so proud of you E.  You amaze me daily with all the gifts God has given you.  Love you bunches!  Looking forward to starting your 6th grade year together!  I'm so thankful that I am blessed to be your teacher. 

Here are some pictures of my young scholar messing around w/ all the books she read this year.

The happy scholar

E, where are you?  Time for school

The Philosophical Scholar

The tired scholar