Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I found the poem my 11 year old wrote for her new baby sister.  The kids call her by her middle name, which is why there is an "A" as opposed to "K", like I will be writing. :) 

You are a wonderful baby, A.
God gave you to us as a blessing.
Your eyes are as blue as the Heaven
you came from.  You have stardust
in your eyes.  Your hair is the color of
the paved streets in Heaven, and your face is
like a sunbeam directly from God.
You are warm because you were sitting
in God's lap before He sent you
down to us.  You smell like the flowers of
Heaven.  When you are a little older, you will
smile and laugh, sounding like angel babies do.
When you get your first tooth, it will be like the
little pearls from God's palace wall.
One day, you'll grow up and have babies of your
own.  And you'll say, "This baby is a little bit of
Heaven.  I wonder if I was like that too!"
You were.  All babies are.  Even the ones who fly.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Over due introduction

Our sweet gal made her big arrival on January 21, 2009.  She was born at 8:39 am and weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long.  She's healthy, beautiful and absolutely perfect. 

As we close on our second week with our new blessing, we're all slowly adjusting.  I think that J, who will be three in a few weeks, is realizing what this all means.  He struggles with being excited and then not so excited.  He's missing having his Mama all to himself.  Fortunately, Daddy is still home, which is taking the edge off of having a new sister a bit. 

Little K is doing marvelously well.  She's sleeping pretty good for a newborn.  She's beginning to be awake a little more often, but is still letting me get a few hours of sleep in at night.  That always helps.  She calms down pretty quickly when her needs are met and seems, at this point at least, a pretty mellow gal.  Thank you Lord!  We definitely need a mellow child in this house. LOL  We'll see what happens as she continues to become more alert, but for now, we're basking in the "easy" mode.

Here are some pictures from her first day on her own.

Minutes old

First Bath

J holding his little sister for the first time

S holding little sis

R holding K

A looking very excited, don't you think.

E's turn!

They brought me and the baby homemade gifts. :)  E wrote a beautiful poem for her little sister.  If I can find it, they've misplaced it :(, I'll share it.

Saying goodbye.  This always makes me cry, when they all have to leave. :(

We left the hospital the next morning.  Not soon enough for my liking. LOL  I'll post those pics later. :)