Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

My camera isn't great for taking pictures of the night sky.   I went out every half hour from 2:30 to 4:00 am, yawn,  and snapped the progression of the eclipse.  I wanted to go back out to watch as the moon came back into full view again, but I was too tired and just rolled over and went back to sleep!  Sorry for the fuzzy quality, but since you know what the pictures supposed to be, you can actually see the progression.

Full Moon before eclipse


Beginning of eclipse 2:30am


Eclipse at 3:30, midway

Eclipse at 4:00am




Friday, August 10, 2007

Who have you impacted?

I recently "found" a person who had made a significant impact in my life when I was in my early twenties.  I say "found" because I actually didn't see them in person but "found" them on the web.  To say this person made a huge impact on my life, for the better, really is an understatement.  We met once and talked for several hours.  We had a very deep personal discussion, talking about things that I never shared w/ my good friends let alone a compete stranger.  This individual told me things about their life that again, I've never heard a good friend discuss with me before.  We then said goodbye and never saw each other again.  Yet those few hours changed my life completely.  I'm not exactly sure what my life would have been like had I not run into this individual.  "Finding" this person again had me thinking back nearly two decades of the person I was then to the person I am now and what all has transpired in my life w/i that time span.  Am I a better person now than I was then?  In some ways yes, in other ways, I don't think so.   Is my walk with Jesus closer and more personal?  Yes, but not as much as it probably should be.  

The thing about this individual is that even though they greatly influenced my life, I don't think they would remember who I was.  Maybe if given enough information about our meeting it might spark a slight memory jog but other than that what turned into a life changing event for me was most likely  just a blip on tne radar screen of their life. 

Now, this doesn't bother me in the least but it does have me wondering.  Who have I come into contact with that I've made a difference in their lives and I don't remember even meeting them?  Who have I rubbed elbows with and left an impression, good or bad, and could walk past them today and not have a glimmer of recognition.  It certainly makes me stop to think about who I really am and who the world thinks I am.  What image am I portraying to them, a confident Christian who is humble, gentle and meek?  Uh, probably not.  A hypocrite who says one thing and does something completely opposite?  I sure hope not.  Or do they see me for what I really am?  Someone who is trying to live their life according to God's will but fails miserably time and time again.

I tend to think that people don't remember me as the years pass.  Does anyone else think that as well?  I don't know why I think that, out of sight out of mind maybe?   However,  as I've pondered about this encounter I had nearly twenty years ago really now has me wondering, who have I impacted through the years and never even realized it?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Psalm 68:34 NIV

Proclaim the Power of God,

Whose majesty is over Israel,

Whose power is in the skies.

Boring blog

I think I might have posted this before, maybe it was the same time last year.   Anyway, whenever it was, things haven't changed.  I think I must have the most boringest blog out there in the blogosphere.


I'm not witty, I'm not erudite, I'm not prophetic or wax philosophical.  I really don't inspire or teach.   I don't bring people to life-changing moments or challenge them to become better mothers, wives, teachers, people.  I'm not funny or even a moderately good writer.  *sigh*  Like I said, boring.  *insert yawning, falling flat on your face asleep emoticon*


I think I need to stop reading other peoples blogs.


If you stumbled onto my blog hoping for some of the above, I apologize.  But, here are some blogs you can check out for those such tantalizing tidbits of wisdom or side splitting frivolity entries.  If you want to fall asleep, well then, you're at the right place.

Butterfly Kisses  Her blog just makes me smile.  I don't know why.  Maybe for the simpler time of having just toddlers around.  Did I really just say simpler time and toddlers in the same sentence!  Sheesh, time does do a thing on our memory doesn't it.

Healthy Homeschool what can I say about Lynn.  I adore Lynn.  She has so much wealth of information on her blog and her sweet spirit shines through as she takes care of her family.  Check out her beautiful gardens, which she did all by herself.  She doesn't blog as much as she used to, but she has lots of wonderful things to check out there from homeschooling to homemaking.

Soli Deo Gloria  Linda's site is a calming place.  Her posts are succinct but powerful.  Beautiful blog, beautiful family.

Kindred Hearts  Visiting Nikki's site is like visiting w/ an old friend, even if you haven't met her.  Nikki reminds me of a Titus 2 woman, you know the kind you get a mental image of an elderly woman nurturing the younger ones in the church.  The thing is, Nikki's not elderly.  She's a young, vibrant mom of 3 adorable, energetic young men.

Jen  Jen is a fun homeschool mom who I will have the pleasure of meeting, finally, next month.  Jen encourages me to keep going w/ the homeschool front and keep it fun! 

Jenerally Speaking  I don't remember how I first stumbled on Jen's blog, but man I'm glad I did.  She is one seriously funny lady!  She makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  Oh what fun her household must be.


So, there you now know why I feel somewhat inadequate when it comes to my little *yawn* blog.  I hope you find just as much encouragement and enjoyment out of these blogs as I do.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Pictures taken by my 8 year old

Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.