Saturday, September 26, 2009

OCD and other mental ramblings

I have a daughter that has OCD. It is probably one of the hardest things to watch when she's having an episode. There is something about fall that typically sets her off. Her episodes are sometimes short, lasting a few minutes or very, very long, lasting months.

It's fall again. She's struggling again. I saw it coming about a week ago but hoped and prayed it wasn't really happening, she'd be alright. I even mentioned earlier in the evening to dh that it's coming again. Tonight, she had her first real episode. A bad dream that had her worried. I was able to calm her fears fairly quickly. Prayed with her and she fell asleep shortly after that. If only they all could be so easy. :(

So while I used to say fall is my favorite month, I'm beginning to dread it's arrival. Instead of pumpkins and cornhusks, pretty fall colors and cool evenings, I have to travel up and down the worry hill with my daughter worrying myself with each pass if she'll make it to the other side this time.

My prayer is she will be healed, my hope is that Jesus never leaves her side, even in the midst of her worse episodes.

For our Keepers group we're learning hymns each month. Our hymn this month is All is Well with My Soul. A beautiful hymn w/ such amazing words. As we enter this season with trepidation of the unknown I will cling to those words and remember that all is well with my soul.

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