Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Traditions

For almost ten years now (or maybe it has been a full ten years!) we've been reading Christmas books every night starting on December 1st through our grand finale on Christmas Eve with our annual reading of our special copy of, T'was the Night Before Christmas.

We have so many Christmas books I can easily read one or two (or three) a night all 24 days.  I wrap up all of our books and each night the kids pick a book to open and read.  The kids love this tradition. Everyone from our 13 year old down to our almost 2 year old look forward to picking a book to open and listen to.

Our first book to be opened was, The Tale of Three Trees.  This book isn't necessarily a Christmas book as it fits really well for Easter as well but it's one we've tucked away w/ our Christmas books and it's a favorite with everyone.

The Tale of Three Trees follows the lives of three evergreens out in the forest. They all have big dreams of what they want to be when they grow tall and strong. One wants to hold treasure and dreams of being a beautiful treasure chest brimming with precious stones and jewels. The second tree wants to become a strong sailing ship, traveling through the mighty waves carrying powerful Kings to foreign lands. The third tree didn't want to leave his spot. He wanted to grow straight and tall so when people looked up at his great heights they would raise their eyes to heaven and think of God.  Their lives end up being different than what they had hoped for and through the years they almost forget their dreams. Yet each eventually gets their wish just not in the way they had ever imagined.

This story is a favorite in my home.  I love our edition with it's beautiful illustrations and never get tired of reading this beautiful story year after year.

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