Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8, book 12

Tonight's book was, Corduroy's Christmas, a book based on the character created by Don Freeman, illustrated by Lisa McCue.

This was a book I bought when my oldest was just itty bitty. This cute little flap book takes Corduroy through all his holiday traditions leading up to Christmas day.  My oldest loved all those types of books w/ flaps and different textures to feel, so this book was always a favorite (as you can tell from the binding ;) ).

This year my little K. was the one who got to discover Corduroy's surprises underneath the various flaps. She was so excited to see what was underneath each little flap. It brought me back to when my E. was her age. :)  Later in the evening, J, my 4 year old, came up to me and asked if he could look at, "That book with all those flap things."  He then sat down and "read" Corduroy enjoying opening all the flaps w/o a toddler to get in the way! LOL

This book is definitely not a literary giant in the world of publishing but how can you not love Corduroy? :)

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