Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5, book 10

Tonight's book was, The Christmas Star by Marcus Pfister.

We first became acquainted with Marcus Pfister when my oldest was around two. No, not through Rainbow Fish :) (I personally don't like that story, but that's another post for another day haha). We were introduced to Pfister through Hopper, a lovable snow hare. The Christmas Star has the familiar illustrations that we love about Marcus Pfister's books.  One of the best parts of this book is the sparkly, shiny objects found throughout the book. Tonight as I read it, K. kept running up and feeling all the shiny images saying, "Ooo, pretty, pretty". Much like her sisters did when they were her age.
The Christmas Star tells the story of how a shinning star guided shepherds, kings and all the animals of the forest to the stable where the Christ Child lies. Truly a beautiful book that will make your youngsters say, "Ooo, pretty!" :)

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