Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas books!

I got behind on posting what we read every night so I will have one super duper long list of the remaining books we read this Christmas season. If this is your kind of thing, grab some hot cocoa and sit back to enjoy. If it's not, go ahead and just move on to the next blog. :D

These are in no order, beyond how they are sitting here on my desk! haha  I'm probably going to be missing some as the kids have dragged them around the house to read and didn't return them to my desk. How unusual of them. ;)

The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Jan Brett
Another fun, beautiful illustrated book retelling the famous poem.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer by Eileen Daly Illustrated by Mill Jancar
This is a small Golden Book my girls received one year when they went and saw Santa at the mall. Something we don't typically do (in fact, that might have been the one and only time) but a fun spur of the moment thing. :)  It's just another version of the familiar Rudolph story.

Henry Van Dyke's The Other Wise Man retold by Pamela Kennedy Illustrated by Robert Barrett
A beautiful retelling of Van Dyke's story of Artaban, one of the Magi who sells all he owns and buys three jewels to give the Christ Child.  He sees the sign in the sky and starts out on his journey only to be stopped along the way. He searches for the rest of his life to find the King and as a result, serves him for his entire life.  Beautiful color illustrations help tell the story of this beautiful old tale.

I Spy Christmas A Book of Picture Riddles by Jean Marzollo, photographs by Walter Wick
A fun, classic I Spy book with a Christmas theme to the pictures.

The Nutcracker illustrated by Michael Hague
The story of the Nutcracker put to Michale Hague's imagination. Wild illustrations that scare my 9 year old! LOL

The Night of the Child text by Robert Benson, photography by Dean Dixon
A collection of photographs of nativity scenes from around the world. The collection is from The Upper Room Museum Nativity Collection. This is a book we just look at throughout the season. Beautiful pictures and really fascinating to see all the different nativities from around the world.

All You Ever Need by Max Lucado illustrated by Douglas Klauba
Not exactly a Christmas book but it was put in w/ the Christmas books, so we read it one night. :)  This book tells the story of a Watermaster giving freely to the people of the land and what happens when He and His Son go away for awhile leaving a trusted friend in charge. It's a reminder of how Christ is all we need and how He gives his love to us w/o conditions or strings attached.

The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado, Illustrated by Liz Bonham
The story of the crippled lamb who doesn't see the purpose in his life until he is left in the barn on the night of Christ's birth. He is the only thing to warm the Christ Child and sees how there was a reason for his disability.

Father Christmas and the Donkey by Elizabeth Clark, illustrated by Jan Ormerod
I love this book. The story starts on a cold, snowy Christmas Eve. A poor, lame donkey is left out in the snowy field. He's looking for a warm place to rest when he hears sleigh bells and gets a very special visit from Father Christmas. Father Christmas has a special present just for the little donkey. The illustrations in this book are beautiful, a shimmery silver and muted colors that give the feeling of a cold, magical Christmas Eve.

More in the next post! :)

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