Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9, book 13

Tonight's book was Jan Brett's version of the Ukrainian folk tale, The Mitten.

We enjoy Jan Brett's books with their incredible illustrations. There is so much going on in the main text as well as in the margins, we always find new things every time we read her books!  I love how she weaves what's coming next into her margins, little previews of what's to come. So clever. :)

We have a few versions of this story of a boy who's grandmother knits him a special pair of mittens and tells him to be careful and not lose them while he goes out to play in the snow. Of course the mitten falls out of his pocket early on and the animals of the woods use it for shelter from the bitter cold winter weather.

Such a fun, fanciful story. My kids particularly enjoy this story because it's Ukrainian, just like Great Grandma and Grandpa! We don't see a lot of things labeled "Ukrainian" around here, so whenever we do, they are all very excited. :)

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