Monday, September 27, 2010

Disney, day two!

With our meal plan we could get three meals. We chose breakfast since we knew we'd be in the park and not wanting to get away in the middle of the day. :)

The first day Mickey Mouse came signing autographs and taking pictures. We didn't have him sign anything, but we did get a cute shot w/ all the kids.

After breakfast the three older girls were heading off to their YES class. They all signed up for Animation and were looking forward to it. Once we got them signed in and their group headed out to California Adventure, Mark and I took the younger 3 back to Disney and to Fantasyland. We rode on the monorail, something both of us have always wanted to do ever since we were kids watching Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights! :)

 Monorail ride from Downtown Disney to Tomorrowland

K. fell asleep pretty quickly when she was put in the stroller and we started walking so M and I took turns going on rides in Fantasyland with the two boys.

 S. and J. waiting for Storybook Land boat ride

 S and J on The Teacups

Mark got his first ride of the day in, Alice in Wonderland! As you can tell, he was really excited.

While they were off trying to keep their heads from the Queens chopping block, I took some pictures of the area. :)

 Boys outside the White Rabbit's house

Guess who woke up! Just in time for Pinnochio's ride. K. would hide her eyes on the rides with her head down. When the ride was over she'd pop up and clap with a huge grin on her face.

 Waiting for the Dumbo ride

 Mark, K and J a few Dumbo's back from S and me

 S. loved being high on the ride. He didn't want to come down at all.

 Carousel ride

 Autopia. K. and I asphyxiated ourselves while we waited for the boys to drive their cars.

Early afternoon, the girls were back from their animation class, which they loved, and we headed back to the park, had an early dinner and more rides!
 Splash Mountain Yeah, we got drenched. 
E and I went on Space Mountain, alone. No one else wanted to go with us!  She loved it and so did I. I think it's a fun roller coaster. :)  Everyone was so tired we headed back to the hotel. E. really wanted to go on Space Mountain one more time. Mark was going to take the kids swimming, the park closed in 30 minutes, so E. and I sprinted back to Tomorrowland and made it in time to get in line for Space Mountain before the park closed!

After Space Mountain, we walked around Mainstreet, slowly working our way back out of the park. We had a lot of fun being together, just the two of us at Disney at night. 

 Holding up Cinderella's castle.

 This is a shop I remember from when I was little. I loved the chandeliers. This is where we bought our taffy - yum.
 Store fronts, with 101 Dalmatians, still a favorite w/ the kids since their CYT play.

After leaving the park, we meandered through Downtown Disney and I got E. some Hagen Daz.

We went back to the hotel and sat out by the pools while she ate it. We had such a fun evening together. and were looking forward to another great day the following morning!


3 Sons said...

Wonderful pictures and now I want to go to Disneyland!! So much fun! The night photos are beautifully done--great job!

Jen U. said...

How cool that the older kids were able to take classes. I love Katies reaction to the rides- too cute!