Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Room

It's that time of year where everyone is gearing up for another fantastic, fun filled year of learning.  One of the rituals of the new school year is to post pictures of your kids first day of school.  For homeschoolers, another ritual is to post pictures of your school room or learning place or where ever it is you store your school supplies. :)

Since my school room was actually pretty clean today, I decided it would be a good time to post some pictures. :)  Our room is a multi-purpose room, as most homeschoolers rooms are.  Ours is our guest/piano/school room.  It's still in the tweaking stages but we recently made some changes to it that I'm loving.  We swapped positions of the desk and couch which allowed us room to add another shelving unit. (you can never have too many bookshelves btw. ;) ).  By switching the furniture around a little bit we created a reading nook that is so cozy.  I love sitting here now reading to the kids, or just reading to myself - like that ever happens! LOL

 Reading nook. Eventually, the couch will be replaced with a sleeper sofa. The shelving unit on the far wall is our new addition. The baskets hold the kids school supplies and workbooks. They each have their own. The printer is on the shelf as well as our white board. The picture above the shelf is our picture for the week from the Picturing America series. Each week I put up a new picture and we study the artwork and learn about the artist.  The shelf on the left has our globe on top and misc. extra books that they all use in school.

Our piano and one desk area.

 Another view of the desks.

 Reading nook again. The shelf on the left is the main shelf for the kids books. They each have their own shelf. :)

 Far end of the room looking back towards the entrance. Our wall maps and the bookcases you saw earlier. Our old fashioned pencil sharpener is attached to the side of our narrower bookcase. I've had to teach my kids how to use it! LOL

That's pretty much my school/guest/piano room!  I still have to add curtains and fine tune some of the "art work on the wall.  I love this room.  I haven't always had a special dedicated room for my school supplies and even though we tend to school around the house, I love having a spot for all the supplies in one area.  This room is so bright and cheery, the kids usually do end up in here doing their work. :)

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cara said...

I just saw your post and went to several teachers supplies stores looking for wall maps. We have an outdated world map and I wanted to update our posters. Great pictures.