Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TOS Review - Math Tutor DVD


One of the most enjoyable parts of being on TOS's Crew is learning about products I've never heard of before.  There are so many products out there catering to homeschoolers, private schoolers as well as public schoolers, it would be impossible to learn about each and every one!  Recently I was able to review such a product.  Two actually, both from Math TutorDVD.Com.  I have not used a lot of video teaching in my homeschool prior to this review, so this was a new experience for me and E. who is in 7th grade this year and helped review this product. 

We were given two DVD's The Texas Instruments TI-83/TI-84 Calculator Tutor and The Pre-Algebra:Volume I .  Since we're not yet to the level of math that requires the very cool TI graphing calculator, I watched this series of DVD's alone.  E. is right at Pre-Algebra in her math, so this was a perfect series for her to watch and get a fresh, first hand experience of someone "in the trenches". :)

I'll start with the TI Calculator DVD's.  For $26.99 you receive eight hours of instruction broken into a three DVD set.  Yes, you read that correctly, eight hours!  That's a lot of instruction time for a calculator, but these little babies need it! :)  


I found the instruction to be top notch.  The DVD quality was excellent both in audio and video.  The outline of the DVD is well done allowing you to navigate very easily and smoothly from one topic to another.  The instructor had a pleasant, clear voice that was very easy to listen to.  The instruction was extremely thorough, not leaving one aspect of the use of the calculator uncovered.  He starts very basic, going over every button on the calculator, what it's called and what it's purpose is.  From there, the DVD's progress to actual usage of every single button and function available on the TI graphing calculator.  

I know that people offer classes teaching how to use these calculators.  I feel that this tutorial would be an excellent alternative for someone who was looking for a very thorough introduction to, what can often be, an intimidating calculator.

Now for the Pre-Algebra DVD.  As I mentioned above, I had my daughter sit through the Pre-Algebra DVD series.


The Math Tutor's Pre-Algebra DVD set also sells for $26.99 and comes in a 2 disc set with five hours of instruction time.  Everything I mentioned about the TI Calculator DVD I can say the same for this set as well.  The lay out of the DVDs was broken down into easy to navigate sections.  The quality of the audio and video of the DVD was excellent.  The instructor was easy to listen to and he went over the material very clearly and very slowly, not leaving any aspect of pre-algebra uncovered.  My daughter enjoyed watching the DVD.  She found the instructor easy to understand and grasped some concepts that she had not yet been exposed to.  This daughter isn't big into watching television but I had no problem having her sit down to watch the DVD with not one complaint.

I would definitely recommend this tutorial set for anyone who is looking for a good, high quality tutor for their pre-algebra students.

The Math Tutor offers many other products besides the two I reviewed.  They have everything from Basic Math, including a Young Minds DVD set for your very young child all the way to Calculus as well as a Physics DVD series.  Besides DVD's the Math Tutor site also offers on-line classes.  You can check out all The Math Tutor DVD has to offer by checking out their very easy to navigate website.  On their site you will find video examples of their products, student reviews as well as an introduction to the program from Jason Gibson which explains the reason behind why he created these DVD's.

Bottom line, this is a product, now that I know about it, I will definitely look into when we cover some of the other topics in their DVD tutorials.

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I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it.  I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions. 

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