Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And on to Huntington Beach!

It was hard to leave Disney but the prospect of seeing family and the beach certainly made the move in location much more palatable. :)

My bil was getting married to a beautiful gal and we were going to see it! Mark and the kids (minus K.) were all in the wedding, so it was of the utmost importance for us to be there and on time!

We left Anaheim and headed to the Huntington Beach with our first stop being, The tux shop! Now that's fun! As usual, they were running behind schedule with only one fitter there and 2 bridal parties waiting to be fitted. As we waited for our turn I tried to amuse K. as much as I possibly could and keep her from tearing apart the bridal shop that was adjacent to the tux shop. I finally broke down and booked across the parking lot to the CVS there and bought her some crackers to keep her amused. Being number 6 definitely has it's perks. ;)  While we were at CVS we ran into my sil and niece and nephew. Talk about weird! They live in FL, we live in AZ and here we are running into each other in CA. Not totally unexpected since we were there for the same reason, but still, a bizarre experience to run into family in a strange city and store!

 The Groom

My handsome S.

From the tux shop we headed to our hotel, The Hilton Waterfront. Very nice hotel but not as nice as Disney! LOL  (we really missed the elves that helped us unload our cars. ;-) ).  We had a quick change and Mark and the older kids left for the rehearsal. I stayed back with the little Miss since her mood was not exactly ready to put up with an hour or so of rehearsing for a wedding. The rehearsal dinner was down in our hotel so at the appointed time K. and I headed downstairs where we met up with Mark's family, the one's not in the wedding like K and I. :)  We enjoyed a moment of quiet and peace before the wedding party arrived and the craziness began!

The cousins had a blast getting to know each other again. They all get along so well. I wish we lived closer so they could hang out together more often. Everyone ate, drank and had fun! K. and I headed back up earlier than everyone else so she could hit the sack ready for the next day of fun, fun, fun.

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