Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Day

We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, talked with family, then headed back to get ready for the wedding. Unfortunately, the maids were in our room right then, so we did some more walking around the hotel. That was a big mistake! That set us back so far in time, I was scrambling trying to get everyone ready while Mark was trying to be Best Man.

After blowing dry and curling 3 girls hair, getting them put together w/ tiara's and gloves, I was a mess. K. and I had no time to get properly ready so I quick combed out both of our hair, threw on our dressy clothes and headed out the door so the bridal party could catch the limo. Fortunately, Mark stayed back and helped me otherwise I would never had made it out the door in time. He got himself and the boys ready which was a good thing as I've never had to deal with a tux personally and wouldn't have known what to do with all those pieces!

 At the church waiting

K. fell asleep right before the ceremony and I was hoping beyond hope she'd stay that way as I knew she was tired and hungry and if she saw Dada and all her siblings up there at the front of the church, she'd be wailing. She stayed asleep until the bride walked down the aisle. She woke up happy, thankfully, but as expected when she saw Daddy, that's all she wanted! I quickly made my exit with her before she disrupted the wedding too much and we hung out in the narthax with Mark's cousins wife and their little boy. K. and her second (third?) cousin had fun babbling to each other and Julie and I had fun talking.

After the wedding ceremony there came the pictures. The endless stream of wedding pictures. When that was finally over, we headed back to the hotel, kicked off the fancy clothes and hung out for an hour before the reception. Ahh, what bliss.

 Finally, Daddy!

The Car

Fluffing the train

Fortunately, the reception was also in the hotel, so we didn't have far to travel once we gussied up again (minus tiara's and gloves). The reception was held on a second floor balcony outside the room for the reception. The sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean and it was beautiful!

The room for the reception was beautiful. They created a magical fairy tale setting with lights and tulle and beautiful centerpieces.

It was so late by the time the reception started and K. had had so much that entire week, I ended up leaving with her right as dinner arrived. She crashed as soon as I laid her down in the crib and I enjoyed some quiet before the rest of the family came back from the reception. From what they said, and the pictures they took, it was a fun time for all.


Rebecca said...

Oh, I hate your morning was so hectic. The children were/are beautiful...looks like you made some wonderful memories as you shared such a beautiful day!

Nikki said...

These are all beautiful pictures!