Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art Museum

 Cool sphere in lobby

There is an exhibit on Cezanne at our art museum that was closing today. We'd  planned on going ever since we heard about it, 3 months ago! Yikes! Where did the time go?  Not wanting to miss it, we loaded up the van and headed to our "Cultural Arts Center" or "Uptown" as the signs say.  Totally a misnomer for anyone who has been here can attest.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones in our city of millions that decided to put off seeing the exhibit until the last moment. It was packed! Ugh and yuck. I already wasn't feeling well, having caught the cold my kids got on our vacation, and being around that many people just made me feel even worse. The exhibit was a mixture of Cezanne paintings and paintings by others inspired by Cezanne. It was probably 5% Cezanne and 95% others work, which again, didn't help my mood while I was there.

We fought our way through the exhibit then walked over to the only other part of the museum that was open, Modern Art exhibits. The rest of the museum is being renovated. Hmmmmm (I don't think I need to mention my mood again, you probably get the idea ;) ).  There are very few pieces of modern art that I like. Most I think is, I'll say it, garbage. In that I wasn't disappointed. LOL  There were some really cool pieces and others, in my opinion, that were quite questionable in their appropriateness.  I'm not a prude when it comes to art. We have art books w/ nudes, we look at the works of artists who painted nudes, but this "art" was definitely pushing the limits on what could be considered "art" and what would be considered "trash" (you can insert the word I'm intentionally leaving out as I don't want to get hits by those actually looking for that type of, ahem, "art"). 

The cool art was really cool. Some of the pieces I could see E. creating one day. She loves modern type art and really enjoyed looking at those pieces. By contrast, A. likes to recreate from real life. She enjoyed studying the still lifes in the Cezanne area. :) Everyone enjoyed the Firefly exhibit which was a dark room, painted black with mirrors on the walls and ceilings. There were LED lights hanging down in varying lengths that changed colors slowly. As you walked through the maze (and tried hard not to run into the walls - ouch!), you would run into the lights making them move. The lights were reflected in the mirrors and it looked like you were outside with millions of fireflies all around. All it needed was Owl City piped in and it would have been perfect. Okay, scratch that last part, that would have been really annoying! ;)

We spent some time in the room enjoying the lights and then headed back out and down to the cafe for an early dinner. While waiting for our food to arrive, A. decided to create her own work of art.

Bored Waiting for Food

Looks better than the majority of art we saw today! :)

A. was disappointed that the miniature room was closed. I'll have to take her back there when they reopen so she can see it again. She loves to create her own miniatures and I can see her having her own exhibit in a museum one day! :)

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