Monday, September 27, 2010

Disney, Day Three & Four!

We got up again early to have breakfast. Today's special guest was Cinderella. None of the kids wanted to stick around to meet her ;) so we headed out and went in early to California Adventure. We picked up tickets for the light show later that evening and then walked around the park waiting for it to officially open.

As soon as the park was officially open, we headed over to California Screaming. I waited with A., S., J. and K. while Mark took the older kids on the first round. When he got back A and I fast passed up to the top and took our turn. S. had had enough of roller coasters after The Matterhorn, there was no way he was going to get on there, so just A. and I went. Whew! What a ride. :)  Loved it! After California Screaming we went on the big ferris wheel.  This Ferris Wheel has cars that slide back and forth as the ride moves around. I don't really like ferris wheels, they scare me, and having a car that sways like that would be right out of my nightmare! Fortunately, they also had cars that were stationery and that's the one we went on, all except for E. She wanted the sliding car so she went alone! Such a brave girl. :)

A. and me on CA Screaming

A. with Toy Story characters

E. in the pink car all by herself

Praying Mantis E. snapped a pic of 

 Fresh catch of the day

We went on a few more rides before heading back around for another round of California Screaming for E and me, then headed over to the pier for lunch. E. was dying to go back on Tower of Terror and I told her I'd go with her so we headed off to give that ride a try. I was really scared of the ride. Not really knowing what to expect. The ride operators were great and really added to the whole mood and suspense of the ride.  The first fall was so much fun. I loved the ride and E. and I went back on a couple more times!

E. at Tower of Terror
Not the least bit scared. She loves this!


 Playing in the band

 S. w/ Lightening. The boys loved this exhiibit

A. S and R w/ Sully

We also went to California Soaring. We had to do a Rider Switch for that ride since K. is too little for the ride. What an awesome ride that is. It's more of an experience than a ride.  So much fun. S. came back on that ride with me when I made the switch w/ Mark so he got to ride on that one twice to make up for all the roller coasters he was not riding on!

K and I having fun waiting while everyone else is in California Soaring

Another favorite ride was the white water rafting.  What a fun ride. We got drenched but loved it. J. originally rode w/ me and the girls while Mark and S  sat out w/ K.  J. did not like the ride at all! This was his first real "big" ride and he was not liking it. He is such a stoic little guy, not saying anything, crying or anything but at one point he said very quietly, "I want this to be over now." which I think was right before we went down the big waterfall! LOL Poor guy.  When we did the rider switch the girls all jumped back in line w/ Mark and S. and J. decided he'd stay back with me and K. and dry off. ;)  S. also didn't enjoy the ride and I heard all about his hysteria through the entire ride. S., unlike J. is not quite as stoic. If he's scared, you're going to know it.  Since there was no waiting for this ride, we went on it over and over and over.  We were drenched but oh so happy. :)

 J. and K. waiting for everyone else to get off the raft ride

By the end of the day, we were tired and headed back to the hotel to have dinner. K. who had been so good throughout all of our long days finally decided she wasn't happy and she was going to let everyone know about it!  I spent that meal outside where my little miss was much happier.

Everyone was still beat so instead of heading back to the light show, which I've heard was really good,  we went swimming at the really cool pools at the resort. We knew our next day was going to be a crazy one trying to get in a little more Disney before we headed over to Huntington Beach for the wedding madness, we enjoyed a relaxing time at the pool and headed to bed.

In the morning we headed to a yummy breakfast again at the hotel, then beelined over to Disney for a few hours before checking out and saying goodbye to, "The Happiest Place on Earth".

 Tiki Room!

 Jungle Cruise


Mark headed back to the hotel with K., J., and S. to get things in order for checking out which gave E., A. and R and me about an hour at Disney before we needed to show back up at the hotel to check out. One of the things we said we wanted to do was to take a picture w/ all the letters outside of California Adventure but since the whole family was never actually in front of the park at the same time, we decided we'd take what we could with just the four of us. At first, I was taking pictures of the girls, then someone volunteered to take our picture, with me in it, w/ all the letters! I'm finally in some pictures with my girls! :)

I took some pictures of the hotel as we were waiting to load up the car while the kids got their last fill of Disney cartoons! LOL

Our few days there truly felt magical. It was a wonderful, relaxing time and I'm so glad we were able to go. :)

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That looks like sooo much fun! LOVED all your photos and so thankful you had that time! :D