Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bread Day!

It's been awhile, but today I broke out my mill and wheat berries (yeah, I'm one of those homeschoolers ;) ), dusted off an old recipe and got busy making some fresh bread for my family. 

A well used recipe from many years ago, 
written in hubby's barely legible scrawl

Freshly milled flour

Yeast, water, honey, salt and 5 cups flour


Tea just starting to brew
While the bread was rising, I made some fresh brewed tea.

Yeast all bubbly

Poof, go the bubbles


Waiting - this time for the oven to heat up

Bread in oven and tea is done

25 minutes later, 4 hot loaves come out of the oven

with six expectant tongues waiting

Even though I can't eat the bread anymore, wah, I know that my kids will devour it. The four loaves will be gone by the time everyone goes to sleep tonight and I know that the bread that they ate was made with nothing but the best ingredients and lots of love.


Jen U. said...

I wish I could grind our own wheat. I don't have a way right now. Maybe we can afford a grinder in the future after we get moved? Your bread looks delicious! What kind of tea was that? it looks good too.

Linda said...

It's tea I get from a local place here, Wildflower Bread Company. You can buy their loose tea. It's passion fruit. yum!