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TOS Review - Eagles Wings

Title:  Considering God's Creation
Author:  Susan Mortimer and Betty Smith
Publisher:  Eagle's Wings
Address:  P.O. Box 502 Duncan, OK 73534
ISBN Student Text:  1-931292-19-1
ISBN Teachers Manual:  1-931292-175
ISBN Two Volume Set:  1-931292-18-3
Age Range: Primarily early elementary but adaptable for 2nd-7th grades.
Price:  $29.95 for Student workbook, Teachers Manual and audio CD

Considering God's Creation is a hands on, christian worldview science curriculum for elementary grade students.  For this review, we received the Student Manual, a consumable, 268 page, soft back book which contains line drawings, crossword puzzle and a glossary.  The Teachers Manual, a 128 page, soft cover book in black and white that contains all the information you need to complete the lessons. There are scripted lessons which you can just read, or use as suggestions as a springboard for discussion. The answer key to the student's book is also included.  An audio CD is also included in the package.

Each lesson has the following:

  • Preparation - gives details of what you will need for each lesson.
  • Vocabulary - words and definitions for each lesson.
  • Introduction - introduces the topic being studied.
  • Song/Poem 
  • Activity - hands on activities for each lesson.
  • Bible Reading - Recommended scripture for each lesson.
  • Notebook - Notebooking activities are suggested.
  • Evolution Stumpers - Evolution view vs Biblical view 
  • Review - a recap of the lesson
  • Digging Deeper - more challenging and thought provoking activities.
The book is divided into 36 lessons covering all aspects of general science:
  • Creation
  • Universe
  • Stars
  • Solar System
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Wind
  • Weather
  • Clouds
  • Rocks
  • Plants
  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Food Chains
  • Reproduction and Genetics
  • Human
  • Animal Anatomy
  • Physiology

  example page of zoology

You can view sample pages here.

My thoughts on this science curriculum
This is a very gentle introduction to science. The authors recommended age range of Elementary aged students is fairly accurate, although I would classify it more as Early Elementary and would have a hard time stretching this into a viable Jr. High science class and definitely not for Sr. High as is suggested in the manual for multi-level teaching. There isn't enough depth on any one subject to make me comfortable agreeing with their assessment.

  • I like the approach that the authors take to science. For younger kids it's all about discovery. This program gives them that in a structured, yet gentle way. 
  • Cost! It's quite affordable. 
  • Clearly laid out and easy to follow.
  • Easily adaptable to your schedule.
  • Short lessons.
  • Easy to prep for. No hunting and hunting and hunting for supplies.
  • At first glance, this looks like a workbook. It's not! Just first glance and impressions have always led me to believe that is what this curriculum was, fill in the blank, T/F type workbook pages. (I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually very hands on and not too workbookish.)
  • Again, just my opinion, the age ranges that I would comfortably recommend this program for are much narrower than recommended by the authors. Not really a negative, just a different opinion than they share. 
Bottom line, if you are looking for a very gentle, inexpensive, biblically based, scripted science curriculum for your younger elementary students, you won't be disappointed in checking out this program.

Eagle's Wings sells several different curriculum and bible studies. Make sure you check out some of their other products.  To purchase Considering God's Creation, click here.

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I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.

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Nikki said...

We are almost finished with this. We used it over a span of two school years, and I have used it with children in 1st-3rd grades.