Monday, May 2, 2011

More Choir happenings

Last week my choir kids joined their friends for a performance at a local assisted living facility.  The kids were asked to make two cards each to share with the residents and were encouraged to write, somewhere on the card, about how Jesus loves them! :)
A's. Cards

A. went to work on her first card (on the left in the above picture) as soon as she was told about this opportunity.  She is rather subtle in her message, don't you think? ;)

 Do you think the recipient of this card scratched off the wax?

Her next card she made shortly before we left for the performance. Not as grand as her first, but the message is still the same!

The kids had a great time performing for the residents and I think the residents enjoyed listening to them perform. :)  Afterwards, the kids greeted those who remained and had a chance to talk with them for a little bit before heading home.  Our cards were gathered up and given to the nurses to hand out later. 

Audience's view (bad shot w/ the windows right there :( )

Getting ready to start
What a blessing it was for my kids to go and serve like this. I love opportunities that take us out of our everyday lives and into the lives of our community. Thank you again, Angelique, for a wonderful opportunity to share God's love with those around us!


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Leslie said...

What a great opportunity! So glad ya'll were able to be a part of it! Loved her cards too!