Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TOS Review - Go Trybe

What do you do if you want to get your kids moving but it's snowing outside, or more in line with my climate, it's pushing 120* outside?  You open up GoTrybe and get moving!  All you need is a computer and internet access. No more excuses!

GoTrybe is an online, customizable workout program for kids, ages Kindergarten through Highschool.

When you first log onto GoTrybe, your child creates an avatar. As they go through the program, they earn points for workouts, motivational video's watched and nutrition segments. The more they engage with the program, the more points they will earn and with those points they can open up more avatar options.  If you choose not to create an avatar, that's okay too!

Male avatar selected. Hair choices are shown

Nutrition question to earn points

Once their avatar is created, they can move into the customizable workout section. Each workout will contain a warmup, cardio, strength and flexibility stage. You child can scroll through the options until they find an exercise they'd like to try. They click and drag that video segment into the top bar.

Warm up segments being chosen

You can see in the above picture there is one segment of warmup, Strength and Flexibility and  3 of cardio. Your child picks a video segment for each block to create a complete workout that roughly lasts around 30 minutes total.

Warm up video

Each video segment begins with the instructor introducing themselves as well as the kids that are working out with them. They give an introduction to the exercise they are going to perform and will even give some educational information to go along with the exercise. For example, for one of the latin dance video segments, the instructor gives a brief lesson on South America.


There are three levels of GoTrybe, broken down by age. GoTrybe was generous by giving access for all my kids, so we were able to see all three levels! The lay-out for each level is the same, the exercises, however, become more intense for the older group, just like you would expect them to.

The weather here has been so beautiful, which means my kids have been outside as much as they possibly can. We know our interminable summer is just around the corner, so we soak up as much outdoor time as we can, while we can.  Because of that, we haven't used this as much as we would have if the weather hadn't been so nice. As our temps start climbing up and into the 100's very soon, I do see us utilizing this very fun, very adaptable program, all summer long.

When they did do a workout, they had fun doing it. :)

E. and A. warming up, or E. goofing off

There is a whole online component to GoTrybe that my kids did not use because they weren't interested in it. You can safely chat with other Tryber's in your age group through a chat section and a message board.  I did go and check it, the message board, out to see what it was about and didn't read anything by any of the kids posting that would keep me from having my kids join in. However, every family is different, so you'd want to check that out for yourselves and definitely talk about safety on the net with your kids before letting them loose on any forum.

Click here for a free promo, use GETFIT, and check out the program. If you like the program, the cost of  GoTrybe is normally $39.95 per year, but if you use the same code GETFIT, it is $19.95 for the year.

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I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.

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