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TOS Review - Kregel

Title:  Andi's Scary School Days (book 4 in a series)
Author:  Susan K. Marlow
Illustrator:  Leslie Gammelgaard
ISBN:  978-0-8254-4183-7
Publisher:  Kregel Publications, a division of Kregel, Inc.
                  P.O. Box 2607, Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Website:  Circle C Beginnings
Price:  $4.99 per book + shipping and handling, $15.96 + shipping and handling for all 4 books in the series, $9.98 + shipping and handling for 2 books, either books 1 & 2 or books 3 & 4
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As part of the TOS Crew, we recently received Andi's Scary School Days, book 4 in a series from Circle C Beginnings.  Andi's Scary School Days continues the story of Andi and Taffy, her lovable colt.  Currently there are four books in the series with two more scheduled to be released soon.  This series is a continuation, or rather a prequel :),  of The Circle C Adventure Series, written for ages 9-14, Andi and Taffy are older in The Circle C Adventure Series, and like Andi in the Beginnings series, the older Andi finds, no matter how much she tries to stay out of trouble, trouble follows her throughout her days.

Geared for ages 6-8, Circle C Beginnings are a wonderful introduction to chapter books for early readers. The characters are written in a way that they are real to a child and they can easily identify with the struggles and triumphs Andi faces in her days.  Written from a Christian viewpoint, Andi faces moral decisions that are common in childhood and resolves her dilemmas with sound direction, always pointing back to her faith.

In Andi's Scary School Days, Andi is going to school for the first time. She is understandably nervous and scared, but won't admit how she really feels.  Through her inability to express her feelings, Andi finds herself in all sorts of trouble her first few days in school.  She has new rules to follow, new schedules to keep and has to learn how to admit to her own feelings. As she begins to settle in and open up, she begins to understand the rules better as well as understand that her teacher isn't mean and scary, like she originally thought. She makes a friend and begins to think that maybe, school won't be such a bad place afterall.

My kids really enjoyed the story. My older girls were all older than the age range recommended for this book, but still enjoyed listening in. My 7 year old isn't quite at the stage where he could read this alone, so I read it out loud and everyone had gathered around to hear the story to it's end.

Each book has a set of activities to enhance your reading, all free. There are puzzlescoloring pages, activity books with a word match, mazes, copywork and more. 

There are lap book packages also available for purchase.

Check out this cute video introducing the series:

We enjoyed this book and the free activities really added to the fun of the reading.  I appreciated that Andi is portrayed as a real girl with real problems to overcome. She's not sugary sweet or a girly girl in the least. She gets into trouble, has mean thoughts and does naughty things, just like any other 6 year old. She also asks for forgiveness, both from God and from those she has hurt or wronged. I think this is a great series and we're thinking about purchasing the remaining books to see what other antics Andi gets into.

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I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.

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Andi Carter said...

I'm having such fun reading all the reviews from the Crew. I thank you so much for your great review as well. You pretty much summed up everything I wanted to cover while writing a fun, fast-paced fiction chapter book series.
Thanks again and have a GREAT school day!