Friday, May 13, 2011

Ahh, the memories

I was visiting a friends blog and had clicked on something else w/ her blog still in the background. As I was looking at the new page, I was subconsciously listening to the music she had playing. When Singing in the Rain came on, it brought me back several decades!

When I was in highschool, I loved watching the old movies on PBS. They were usually on late at night and I'd often stay awake watching them. My mom would occasionally pop in and sit with me for awhile and tell me who the actors were, but usually I was alone watching all these great classics.  Everyone else in my family would fall asleep before the movies even came on! LOL

An American in Paris

On the Town, you have to go to YouTube to see this classic scene.

Such fun memories.

I think I need to find some of these and share them with my girls. :)


Jen U. said...

Was that my blog? I ask because I have signing in the rain on my music playlist. ;-) It's a favorite movie of ours. Every summer the old opera theater here in Alabama plays old classics for a summer movie series and Singing in the Rain is always one of the movies they show.

Linda said...

Yes, it's your blog. I linked it but my links don't show up real good. I usually bold them, but I don't think I remembered to do that here.