Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tuesday's Child on Thursday

A. around 8 months old


Today is my 2nd dd's birthday.  Eight years ago she came into the world and has made my life so much  better for having done so.  A. is as sweet and caring as they come.  She has a big heart and is always looking for ways to help.  Unfortunately, A. is under the weather today.  Once she is feeling better we will celebrate her birthday and I'll post a current picture of her.

We love you A. and are so proud of the beautiful girl you are turning into.  God's grace shines brightly in your life.


quietcajun said...

I love those two tiny bottom teeth!

jengresak said...

What gorgeous eyes!!!!

Jen Unsell said...

Happy Birthday A! I pray you are feeling better really soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my little banana.

I love you and I hope you feel better soon.