Thursday, July 12, 2007


Wanna see what my oldest did last week?



She donated her hair to Locks of Love.

I haven't taken a picture of the final hair cut, it's considerably shorter than what it looks like in this picture.   It's a chin length bob and looks very cute on her.


My 3rd dd also cut her hair, but hers wasn't quite long enough to make the min. 10' requirement.  She too looks quite cute w/ her new bob.  Bad Mommy doesn't have any pictures of that hair cut yet either.

My 2nd dd who originally started growing her to donate and has enough, has decided she doesn't want to get her hair cut, just yet.  I thought once her sisters got their hair cut and she saw how much cooler it was she'd go along too.  Maybe next week.


momofgirls said...

She is just beautiful!!! I think she would be lovely with any haircut.

Jen in SC

quietcajun said...

I have donated TWICE. The last time I asked for 10 inches to be cut off and the lady cut almost 17 inches!!!!! I was not happy!

Lilliepad said...

My daughter donated her hair a couple of years ago too. I think it's such an honorable thing to do. Wish it was around when I was a kid. My hair is much to unmanageable to grow long now or else I'd do it. It's so nice to know that the hair is blessing someone that really needs it.