Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hawaiian memories

I kindof lost steam sharing about our trip to Hawaii.  We had a party here for my parents and I put together another slide show combining everyone's pictures of our time in Hawaii to thank them for our fabulous trip.  After doing another big photo video I lost all interest in making smaller ones.  So, I'll be adding that show to the side bar and deleting the other ones that are there.  It has pictures from the entire family.  I'm also putting in the slide show that I made for my parents anniversary that encompasses their entire lives.  Some people have asked about them, so here they are. :)  I will warn you though, they are on the long side.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Just so you know, I'm the youngest in my family.

The get together for my parents anniversary celebration we had in Hawaii was really nice.  My parents were surprised.  My kids made signs and cards w/ Happy Anniversary written on them.  Then we made an invitation that we slide under their door, knocked and ran!  The invitation said to come to my sisters room number at such and such time.  We decorated her room w/ balloons, seashells and leis (sp?) and put out their presents.  I also bought out all the sparkling cider (10 bottles) the local restaurant had on their shelf and my sister brought the champagne that they had in their room because the day they arrived in Hawaii was their 19th wedding anniversary.  They hadn't opened it and brought it down to share w/ my parents.  We had a toast then everyone watched the video.  I knew it would make my mom cried but I was surprised when my dad told me it made him cry too.  I guess seeing your entire life like that all at once is kindof overwhelming.

After the show we needed to run to the restaurant where we had reservations.  We all met back in the lobby of the hotel after dinner and had last pictures taken since everyone but my immediate family were leaving the next day.

I'll post more about the other activities we did tomorrow.

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KindredHeart said...

I love the slideshow of your parents! One of my great loves is genealogy. I love to sit down at my computer with my software program and connect the dots. I also love old photos, dates, and heirlooms. Your parents' pictures just put a huge smile on my face!

So glad you were able to share such a precious time together in Hawaii. What a treasure!