Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday's child on Wednesday

I added a video of my oldest playing one of her piano pieces.  The piece is Toccatina by Dmitri Kabalevsky.  You can also hear my 17 month old providing the accompaniment.


She also helped me make dinner tonight.  She took care of the raw meat all by herself.  Since I'm not feeling well today, this was a huge blessing.  .  I cut the veggies and popped it in the oven, that pan is  heavy.    Next time, I'm going to have her cut the veggies as well.  I've had her try in the past, but between our extremely sharp knife and her cutting, ahem,  "skills", I've been handling that part.  But, I'm ready to pass it on to her now.





Ahhh, can you smell it?  It was delicious.  E. did a wonderful job seasoning the chicken.  Thank you for your help today my sweet pea.


KindredHeart said...

That looks fabulous! You've got quite the little chef-in-the-making there!

God has given us another brand new day! Hope you enjoy it with your beautiful family!

Jen Unsell said...

What an incredible piano player Linda!!! I am so impressed!