Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Traditions - Las Noches de las Luminarias

Trying to catch up on all we did this past month!

Every year we try to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens Las Noches de las Luminarias. All the luminaries transform the garden into a magical place where you can stroll along the lit paths, listen to various musical acts, sit beside a blazing mesquite fire and sip hot chocolate (or eat, they have full meals available as well). It is always a lot of fun for our family to go and something we all look forward to every year.

This year we invited our friends to come along. They had never been before, so it was a treat to share this with them. They have 4 boys, ages 2-14, so the enthusiasm wasn't as strong as for my crew in their anticipation, but they were all great sports and I think at least one of them might have enjoyed themselves. :)  For their privacy, the pictures w/ them included have been blurred.

We started off by having dinner together. It was a fun time of gathering and fellowship, even with simple pizza being served.

K and their youngest are special friends

 The Chihully exhibit at the entrance

fun sculpture hanging down and sparkling

  bad lighting and angle but pretty poinsettia tree at the entrance

A watching K around the candles. There are 1,000's candles, all hand lit every night during Las Noches 

goofing around while we're waiting for our friends to arrive

My pretty first born gal

  wrong setting for the camera gave this lovely shot! lol 
The bells are a favorite to go and listen to. While waiting for the performance to begin they invite you to come and check out the bells and give them a ring.
J. giving the bells a try (curly head on the right is my sweet K.)

Me and Miss K. lasted maybe 5 min. before I took her out. She was a little loud for the bells. Happy, but loud. She didn't want her picture taken here, can you tell?

 One of the acts along the path. 

 ah, fire! E. entertained us, and some couples that were sitting there, with a scary ghost story. Thanks Uncle Joe for sharing that gem with the kids. ;)

On the way out, a group shot (w/ our friends cropped out for blogging purposes ;) )
The goofy shot, or is this their normal faces. I get them confused. :)

It was a wonderful evening. It had been raining throughout the day but had cleared up while we were there. It made the desert smell delicious and the air feel crisp and cool. Not too cold, like some years we've been there and not too warm, like other years we've been there. Absolutely perfect. :) 

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