Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Traditions - Christmas Lights

Every year we try to go check out the lights around the Valley. Some families really do up a huge display, with walk throughs, synchronized music, cut outs, etc. While others put up a ton of lights. All are fun to drive by and enjoy.  We make a thermos of hot chocolate, pile into the van and go driving around looking at all the pretty lights. This year we found some really spectacular displays. We happened to be behind a few limo tours. Did you know they give limo tours for viewing Christmas lights? Someone found a niche!  One of the ones we seemed to be following, the revelers were enjoying champagne as they drove around. Fun, but I prefer my hot chocolate with the kids. :)  Does your town offer Christmas light limo rides?  It might be a fun thing to do if you have a lot of family in town or for a Christmas Party w/ a group of friends. :)

Our first house

 the other side of their yard

 these were cool icicle lights. The lights moved that gave the illusion of the icicle dripping

I can't believe we don't have a better still shot of this house! This one had the lights synchronized to music and when the whole thing was lit up, the yard was ablaze! This house had a lot of people out of their cars watching and listening. Lots of fun!

 We saw a bunch of houses but this house, our last one of the night, was by far the best! You can't see much from these pictures but they had a walk through part in their side yard, the entire front yard was lit up with various scenes and they had two snow machines! Such fun and a perfect ending to a fun evening out. :)

 The snow machine just turned off. K. is still looking up at the snow. :)

See the "snow" in her hair. She wasn't amused. LOL



Jen U. said...

Man she is looking so old already, Linda! She is beautiful, just like the rest of you!

Linda said...

Two in a few weeks! It's gone by way too fast. :(