Saturday, January 1, 2011

and More Christmas Books

Continuing on with my list. :)

We Three Kings illustrated by Olga Zharkova
The song, We Three Kings, in storybook format.

Mystery in the Stable by Lisa Flinn and Barbara Younger, illustrated by Judi Niernberger
Anna and Jacob live in Bethlehem and are noticing all the extra people coming into town for the Census. One family, in particular, catch their eye and they work on solving the mystery of just who this special family is.

Jacob's Gift by Max Lucado, illustrated by Robert Hunt.
Jacob is a gifted carpenters apprentice. He is excited about the competition between himself and the other apprentices for building the best project, the winner gets to help build the Temple. Just as Jacob is about to finish his project, the night before it's due, he has to make an important decision, one that could cost him the opportunity to help build the Temple.

On Christmas Eve by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Nancy Edwards Calder.
Christmas Eve as seen through the eyes of 3 young children. MWB uses very few words in this beautiful story but all the magic of childhood and Christmas Eve are captured.

Diane Goode's American Christmas
A collection of American poems, stories and songs.

The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt, illustrated by Yaroslava
A retelling of the Ukrainian folktale of a young boy who looses a mitten and the amazing journey his mitten has.

The Legend of The Christmas Kiss by Barbie Jenkins, illustrated by Joyce Revoir
A cute story that tells where snow comes from, Angel Kisses of course!

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski, illustrated by P.J. Lynch
Mr. Toomey is a gloomy, grumpy loner until the widow and her son enter his life asking him to carve a nativity for her. As the nativity pieces come to life, so does Mr. Toomey. A sweet story of Christmas love and sharing.

The Christmas Story According to Luke illustrated by Donald Kueker
The King James version of the book of Luke telling the Christmas story.

A Special Place for Santa by Jeanne Piepper
Santa overhears shoppers talking about how he has taken away from the real meaning of Christmas. Upset and worried, Santa contemplates whether he has become more important than Christ. As he sits in the church, where he always delivers his last gift of the year, a voice speaks to him reminding him of his true beginnings as St. Nicholas spreading God's love and charity throughout the world and how there is always a place for him next to Christ's manger.

Clopper the Christmas Donkey by Emily King, illustrated by Ed Olson
The nativity story as told through the eyes of Clopper, a donkey who was there.

The CandyMaker's Gift written and illustrated by David & Helen Haidle
A story of how the candy cane came to be and how it tells the story of Christ's love and redemption for us.

The Christmas Promise by Susan Bartoletti, illustrated by David Christiana
The depression has hit and times are hard, everywhere. In this story a young girl and her father ride the rails looking for work. When they are separated, Papa leaving his girl at a safe, warm home to find work, he promises her he'll be home in time to celebrate Christmas together. As the days count down, will her Papa come back for her in time? A sweet, inspirational story of love and promises.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry
Another book we have two of, one is my copy from childhood and one is a newer version (without a broken spine ;) ).  This is a favorite of everyone in the family. It tells the story of Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree, that was too tall for his home, so they chopped off the top. From there the fun begins as Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree gets shared with humans and animals alike.

The Christmas Pageant by Christy Colby Heno, illustrated by Maren J. Scott
A story of a Christmas Pageant gone wrong, one of the wisemen doesn't feel too good and the resulting chaos that ensues. All except for Mary and Joseph who remain peaceful through the whole thing as they watch over their precious baby Jesus.

The Baby Jesus by Alan and Linda Parry
A sweet touch and feel book that we've had ever since our oldest was a baby.

Gertie the Goldfish and the Christmas Surprise by Naomi Judd, illustrated by Tom Bancroft & Rob Corley.
Gertie comes to Josh and Emily's house and helps them understand the true meaning of Christmas.

More to follow!

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