Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh

Know what that sound is?  It's the sound of a tiny 13 week old heartbeat heard through a hand held doppler machine.

I had my OB appointment today, met the Dr. for the first time.  She was really nice, which is a plus.  The heartbeat was at 166, which is perfect for a 13 week old inutero baby.

When all you feel during those early stages of pregnancy is sick, it sure is a wonderful sound to hear.


healthyhomeschool said...

Linda, I'll be happy for you when the pregnancy sickness is done and you can just enjoy being pregnant. And big! :) I know you loved the sound of that little heartbeat!! I miss those days, for what it's worth.

Thinking of you,


Anonymous said...

Hearing the heartbeat is a wonderful thing. I wish I could have recorded our children's when the were happy and cozy inside me. :)

Can't wait to see baby!!!