Sunday, June 29, 2008

My blogging break

I haven't been around blog land much lately.   I think maybe my one faithful reader might have noticed.  In case there were two who wondered where I went, I thought I'd fill you all in.

I've been absent because we're expecting a new little blessing in January.  As par for the course for me, I've been down and out.  I'm 12 weeks now and I still have another good 12 weeks of severe morning sickness to make it through before I'm feeling just pregnant as opposed to how I feel right now, which is just sick.  In a few months I'll feel sick and pregnant.   So you can see why feeling just pregnant will be a welcome change.  LOL 

I'm not a good pregnant lady and instead of coming here to complain about how tired I am of being so sick, I just thought I'd stay away.   You can thank me later.

I'll still be sporadic in my blogging and it's not because I'll just complain. ;-)  No, it's really because I don't  feel well enough to just sit and type.  In a few months I hope to be back to my regular, spotty blogging. 

Until then, enjoy your summers and God bless you all. :)


4kiddos4me said...

Hi there! Good to see you reporting the moment it looks like I'm the faithful reader you referred to, lol!

I love your new photo and slide show! (I saw some flat travelers in there, of course it shouldn't surprise you that we did those a couple years ago too! Ha!)

I'm sorry you're so sick. Hang in there - I will be praying that the "just plain pregnant" phase comes quickly.


Starlady said...

Hey there friend. :)

Yes, I get traffic to my blog, but I don't think they really mean to come here so skeedaddle on out pretty quickly! LOL Oh well.

How are you all fairing this summer? Staying cool? I've been enjoying your new posts recently. :) We need to get together soon.

Our Flat Travelers visited w/ us 4 years ago! It's when we first moved here. On the FIAR boards we did swaps. It was pretty fun until someone started keeping all the flat travelers and we never saw them again. :( They all (everyone who had sent to this family) just disappeared into a black hole never to be heard from again, including that family! LOL We did do one other flat traveler w/ a FIAR gal who was going to Budapest! One of the FIAR Vol 4 books is set in Budapest, Hanna's Cold Winter. She offered to take flat travelers along and she'd send them back w/ photos and souvenirs. It was an incredible gift that she sent back to us. We have pictures of our flat traveler at all the sites from the book, money, used tram passes, etc.! I don't think we'll ever make it to Hungary as a family ;-), so this was a special treat. :)