Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pictures from the last few days

Here are my hardworking students working on their Geography skills.

Working on her Cover Page

Up Close

S's Flag

Art Lesson

Front side

Back side

Can you make out what this picture is?

Back side

Our art lesson today w/ Ping was to discuss the medium the artist used.  In Ping Kurt Weise used colored pencils and crayons.  We looked through the illustrations to see how he blended his colors to make new colors which represented the evening sky.  We also talked about how he drew water.  The kids took a try at these different techniques.  E wants to know if anyone can figure out what she drew. :)

For E's lessons today we got most of our books from Amazon today!  This is a brief recap of what we covered today:

Abraham Lincoln's World - So much was covered in this book today I don't think I can begin to even cover it! LOL  Mainly we learned about Napolean.  His rise to Emperor and the beginning of his fall.  We learned about the Louisiana Purchase.  We also met Lewis & Clark and Sacagewa as they traveled across the country discovering the new territory.  All this as Abraham Lincoln was born in a humble log cabin in Kentucky!

Of Courage Undaunted - In this book we'll be delving deeper into Lewis and Clark's journey across the new world.  Today we learned about Lewis' childhood and how he knew Thomas Jefferson.

Phew, I'm beat today, so everything is brief.  Tomorrow, I'll try to have E do the narrations.  She's much better. :)


Kristina said...

You have some great artists there!

I am guessing E's picture is in the bathtub and those are little knee's popping up in the middle there! That is a great view!

Enjoy your day!

4kiddos4me said...

Yep - I second that! What a great perspective!

diamondsintherough said...

Linda, here I am "helping" you with your curriculum again,lol. Just wondering if you saw this today --

Design and Build Your Own Bridges free ebook!

Jen said...

Really loved seeing all of the pictures Linda! As always, the kids art is amazing!

healthyhomeschool said...

I agree too that it's knees in the bath water. Looks like a hand holding a boat. Very clever!

Glad you are feeling better, according to a later post.

Great art work. You always inspire me!


kaysmarmey said...

FIAR is so fun!!!


BlessedBeingMom said...

This is Tricia O from the FIAR board. It looks like a picture of a child in the bathtub playing with boats to me. :)