Sunday, January 21, 2007

Owl Moon

Five in a Row has a cookbook written by Becky Jane Lambert that has a meal to go with every book in the Five in a Row curriculum.  We try to make the meal after we wrap up our week with our story.  It's a nice way to say good-bye to, what has become, a new friend.  I've missed a few so this week I've planned our menu to have the meals from the books we've missed.

Tonights meal was chili, corn muffins and for dessert, there was to be a rootbeer float.  We're saving the float for tomorrow because we'd already made a cake.  Becky Jane has left the name of the menu item open so the kids can name it themselves.  Our kids came up with these names for our food tonight.  Senor Gills Satisfied Chili & Corny Goodness Corn Muffins (made from freshly ground corn I might add )  The name of the chili came from the way Baby Gill devoured this meal!  He loved it and was a very satisfied tike.

Be looking for more yummy meals later this week.

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eclecticeducation said...

Sounds like fun! Btw... I love your music. Could you please let me know what it is. Thanks!