Sunday, January 21, 2007

One last entry

I forgot another thing I wanted to share about this past week.  DaddyO had a meeting last weekend that lasted until Tuesday early afternoon.   He took the rest of the week off as vacation.  We enjoyed having him home and took advantage of sneaking in some field trips this week.

We are studying Zoology this year with another family.  We're using Jeanie Fulbrights incredible Exploring Creation with Zoology 2:  Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.  There is a ray exhibit at our zoo that we'd been wanting to go to so we decided that this week would be a perfect time to go.  We headed to the zoo Tuesday afternoon, after the meeting and after the school crowds disappeared.  Sting Ray Bay was an amazing time for everyone.  My oldest, who has something beyond an obsession with anything fish or ocean related, was in heaven.  I honestly thought she was going to jump in and join the rays a couple of times.  Warm water, cool rays, why not?  After it was all over, she was so wet she looked like she had actually gone swimming with the rays!  This is a definite destination we will return to before they go back to summer in Ohio.  Our Rays are "snowbirds"! 

R and A are the two on the left.  E. is the 2nd from right in glasses.  You can see S on the far right.  He liked the exhibit, but didn't want to get too close.  Some of the rays were really big.

A got pretty wet as well.  Their sleeves were rolled up, though obviously not far enough.

Do you think she could get any closer?

Feeding the rays.

We also headed to our local science center later in the week to check out the Imax film Coral Reef Adventure.  The images were, of course awesome, the film, so-so.  The music and sound effects, in my opinion, greatly detracted from the film.  Their agenda was pretty blatant but tolerable.  It's definitely worth going to just to see the gorgeous underwater photography.

We enjoyed our time with Daddy  being off and are all mourning tomorrow when he heads off to work again.


jayfromcleveland said...

Hey Starlady, thanks for your comment re my "migrane" post. Don't know how much of a "star" lady you might be, but you might be interested in my Classical Astronomy blog (link below). Hope to be more active with that when my astronomy curriculum comes available in the next couple months. -jay

Anonymous said...

Cool rays, Dude...


SunnyFlowers said...

What fantastic pictures! And I love the snow in AZ pictures. My dh is from AZ, and every winter threatens to go back (we are back east now). I'll have to show him the pics. :-)