Sunday, January 21, 2007

3 entries in one day!

I'm rather feast or famine when it comes to my blog.  Here's my last entry for the evening. 

We're part of an Across the Miles bookclub with 12 other families using Five in a Row.  The way the bookclub works is each family chooses a book they'd like to share.  You mail the book to the next person on the list with a brief description of the book.  The family receives the book, the kids read it, write their own review of the book, add it to the back and mail it on to the next family.  Each month we send and receive a book that is in rotation.  By the end of 13 months we should get our book back with all the write-ups from the kids who have participated.  We are in our second month and the kids are really enjoying this. 

The book we received this month is Journey to Nowhere by Mary Jane Auch.  In the book they mention a cake Ma prepares to serve to the families coming to help them build their cabin.  The cake is called 1,2,3,4 Cake.  It sounded simple enough my oldest dd and I decided to give it a try.  Here's our cake that the girls renamed Remembrance Cake, since the main characters name is Remembrance.

The dough was more the consistency of a sweet bread, like a scone then cake batter.  When I spread it in the pan it covered just a little over half the pan.  We all really enjoyed the cake.  It's simple enough the girls can make it on their own.









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Jen Unsell said...

We have never read this book- I can't wait to get it! That cake looks yummy AND fun! We are really enjoying the book club too!