Saturday, December 9, 2006

Saturday photo hunt

Today's theme is "Red".  I went ahead and posted my favorite red photos.  I discovered something interesting about all these photos as I was scanning them.  They all are taken from my time living in Seattle.  There must be something about red on a gray background.   Pick your favorite and leave me a comment to let me know which picture you like the best.





Poinsettia tree at a nursery in Woodinville, WA .



Umbrella's at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle.



A SBC coffee shop outside one of my bus stops.



This one my dh liked because it's Redhook Beer in a Red brick building.  This is the original Redbook Brewery, one of the original microbrews, in Freemont, WA  (which is the center of the universe you know.  They have a sign to prove it

This is the old Trolleyman Tavern, really neat building.


The next set of pictures are for those of you w/ winter weather beating down your door.  Just a reminder that spring is not too far off!


Skagitt Valley Tulip Festival







My flicker account is just about full this month for downloads.  So next weeks entry, annoying, may just be a blank page ~ how annoying!


KindredHeart said...

While I love all the photos, I'm particularly drawn to the coffee shop one! I'm imaginning the delight of visiting with you while lingering over a steaming hazelnut latte!

And thanks for the hope of spring! While it's supposed to warm up to the 30's over the coming days, it was only 7 degrees on my walk on Wednesday morning. Those fields of tulips were a welcome sight ~ thanks!

Have a super weekend, friend!

Starlady said...


Yes, that would be fun to sit down to a warm cup of coffee with you. :) The umbrella's at Westlake center are also from Seattles Best Coffee. This time of year they (at least when I lived there) decorated the whole area in holiday greenery w/ big red bows and twinkle lights all over. There was also horse drawn carriage rides available. They would also have a steel drum band playing Christmas carols outside the stores which just added to the fun festive mood. The whole place was just beautiful and fun to visit at Christmas time. I don't know what it's like now but 10 years ago it was magical. Let's meet there! :-)

Jen Unsell said...

I would say my first vote is the tulips- I LOVE tulips!!! My second vote would be the umbrellas- but having said that- I loved them all. :-) Your pictures made me want to visit Seattle! I've always wanted to visit Seattle but never had an opportunity. That poinsetta plant is huge too!

quietcajun said...

I am not sure I knew you lived in WA... maybe I already knew that, but forgot.

I live in Allyn, WA.

I like the red umbrella photo!!!

Terri said...

All of your photos were great...but coffee lover that I vote goes with the Coffee Shop photo.

I have to tell you.....I LOVED your video! What a beautiful family you have! It seems you have 3 girls and one boy. My son has the 3 boys and then they finally got their girl, Emma, who's now 3 yr. old.

Happy Holidays to you and thanks for stopping by my blog. With these beautiful children, I can see your Christmas will be extra special!

Bioluminescence said...

Thanks so much for coming by and visiting my PSH and leaving a comment. You have made a this difficult with so many nice red pictures. I'd have to say that my favorite, though. is the last one. I really like that field of tulips! :) Great job!

YellowRose said...

Great selection of red photos! Love the tulips!!

Thanks for stopping by the "Garden!"

quietcajun said...

We spent the day in Seattle today and I was thinking of THESE photos while I was there!