Monday, December 4, 2006

Christmas Memories

We got home too late last night to post so here is Sunday's activities.


Along with our Jesse Tree study we also are reading through Jotham's Journey

 This is our first year to read through this book.  Last night we started the journey w/ Jotham as he starts his journey to find his family.  We lit our first candle and sang some Christmas carols.


Last night we went to Las Noches de las Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden.

The garden paths are lit up w/ 1,000's of hand-lit luminaries and the trees have white christmas lights throughout their branches.  It turns the whole garden into a magical place.  There are various musical entertainment groups scattered throughout the garden as well.  We listened to several of the artists but the favorite was the handbell choir.  My oldest is learning Carol of the Bells right now on the piano.  She really doesn't like the song, crazy I know.  We have told her the song is supposed to imitate the sound of bells.  Well, wouldn't you know that the last song we listened to w/ the hand bells was Carol of the Bells.  I think she enjoyed the song when it was being performed by a hand bell choir much more than when she's the one performing it!



These were really neat "trees".  They had them scattered throughout the garden.  What they are are the blooms of an agave or century plant, covered in red foil or paper and then decorated.  Very clever and beautiful.




EARS n the courtyard outside where we listened to the hand bell choir.




They had these beautiful snowflake ornaments in a gazebo at the entrance to the gardens.  The night was really nice.  The temperature was cold enough to feel like we are in December but not so cold we couldn't enjoy walking around.  The kids had a really good time and are talking about "When we go next year..."


On the swingset front, we have the crossbeam up connecting the two towers.  Now we need to put the supports in all the joints and add the accessories for stability (and fun) and the swingset will be done!  Maybe next weekend?

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Jen Unsell said...

You got some beautiful pictures last night Linda!! The botanical gardens look beautiful!!!! I love the luminaries. Bryan and I had a chance to visit Old Town in Albuquerque the Christmas before Houston was born and I remember the town square being lit up with luminaries like that. I think they are so beautiful! It looks like it was a really special night.