Thursday, December 7, 2006

Christmas Memories

Well the memory making today was me breaking my toe.     Ow!  It hurts.  It's a nice shade of purple mixed w/ some black.  Currently it's tingling like crazy.  The tingling only changes when I move my foot, then it changes to extreme pain.   I broke it about 10 min. before I needed to leave to have my eyes rechecked.  I won't even go into the whole eyeglass thing.  Needless to say, I never needed glasses before and now that I'm over 40, my eye sight has gone bonkers!


We still followed Jotham  and did our Jesse Tree, but other than that, I just read some winter books.


Tomorrow, we will do the ornaments after J's doctors appointment.  He's 9 months already.  Time has just flown.  He is so cute.  He's imitating or trying to imitate everything he hears.  He just grins and grins when he successfully imitates.  He can stand for a few seconds at a time now unassisted and is trying this new skill more and more.  Again, what a huge proud grin he gives us as he stands.  Usually, he'll gradually sit down on his bottom, which also brings joy to his face, but sometimes he falls over face first.  He's pretty good about catching himself first and manages to break his fall.  Despite that we've had a few bangs to his adorable little face.  He usually looks a little stunned after one of these tumbles and then starts grinning really big again. 


Look for some more real Christmas memories tomorrow!


momofgirls said...

Painful, but definitely a memory!!! I am sorry you got husrt and pray for speedy healing!

Jen in SC from FIAR

KindredHeart said...

Ouch---I'm so sorry for your pain! I relate, as I've been there! I'll be praying for your comfort and swift healing.

Hope you and your beautiful family have a lovely weekend of preparation for Jesus' birthday. :)

Jen Unsell said...

OUCH Linda! I am so sorry!!!

Melanieinoh said...

And there isn't much you can do for a broken toe either can you. I pray it heals up soon. That is no fun when you need to carry around a baby either.


SheriLynn said...

Hope your toe is doing better. I LOVE the song on your blog. It's one that always makes me cry.