Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Photo Hunt - Annoying

Commuting from Redmond into downtown Seattle on the 520 bridge ~ that's annoying.

I actually took this picture (yes, I was driving.  Not recommended by the way :-) ) on the weekend, so the traffic is not too bad.   During commute times though it would get really backed up.  The 520 is one of the two floating bridges that cross Lake Washington. I-90 is the other.  During stormy weather driving on the 520 was an adventure.  Waves would come splashing over the sides of the concrete wall blinding you as it hit the windshield.  You could also feel the bridges moving, especially when traffic was stopped, which it often was. 

In this picture, for those who like descriptions to what they are looking at *bwg*, you can see the Olympic mountains way off in the distance.  At the end of the bridge on the right, is University of Washingtons Husky Stadium


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Bryan said that when he visited Seattle the only thing he didn't like was the traffic. He said it would be the one annoying thing about living their.

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