Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Christmas Memories

Today I tried to do two different crafts w/ the girls while the boys were down for naps.  Tried is the operative word in that sentence.  For one craft, I couldn't find the ornaments we were going to paint and for the other one I realized I hadn't bought something I needed to accomplish the craft.  So, we didn't do much in the way of activities.  I did spend time reading to my 5 year old.  We read Tasha Tudor's Corgiville Fair.  Being smack dab in the middle she's told way too often to wait a minute I need to do something w/ E or A the olders.  Or, I need to do this w/ your younger brothers.  I don't mean to overlook her, but it does happen.  Since I am aware of it, I am trying my hardest to give her a little extra time every day.  Just her and me alone sitting on the couch reading a book was a rare treat.


We followed Jotham as he anxiously, maybe too anxiously, left the comfort and security of a godly man and warm family to jump into the care of someone who isn't so nice afterall.  We discussed appearances and how sometimes things aren't quite as they appear on the surface.  This discussion led us not only into spiritual things but into daily safety issues as well.  My kids are all way to open and trusting of strangers.  It's a wonderful quality but, sadly, not a safe one in the world we live in.  They will run up to anyone and start talking to them about every detail of our life.  They invite them in to show them everything in our house.  We used Jotham's experience in todays reading as a reminder to be watchful. 


Tonight, for our Christmas books I read the two that I could find The Tale of the Three Trees (I love this book for Easter as well) and a little touch and feel board book about the Nativity that we got when E was just a baby.  I was very excited that I finally persuaded (or just happened to ask at the right time) dh to help me w/ the bookcases out in our garage so I could get our Christmas books out.  They are now sitting on the hearth in a very festive looking gray rubbermaid tub!   I doubt I will end up wrapping them this year.  I'll just have the kids close their eyes and reach in to grab one each night. 


Tomorrow we will paint the ornaments that I couldn't find earlier today (I've since found them) and read some wintry books and pretend that we're cold.  Maybe I'll turn the airconditioning on to make it seem more like winter.  Then again, maybe not.

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quietcajun said...

oh no... not the air-conditioner! LOL!