Friday, December 1, 2006

Christmas Memories

Since Missey's passing last March and through one of her more memorable posts (out of many) I had been thinking about how I wanted to spend this December with my children.  I purposed early on in this year to take this month to just spend time being a family again.  Not full of schedules and to-do lists.  Being just a mom again, not Mom and Teacher.  Because, truth be told, I spend more time in Teacher mode than I do in Mom mode.


I've compiled a list of things to do with my kids this month.  My goal is to attempt to do (at least) one of these activities everyday for the entire month of December..  Some things will be small and others will be big.  Either way the goal is to make a memory.  I'm going to have a mixture of baking, handiwork, crafts, reading and serving others.  I'll try to post a picture of what we've done every day. 


As we closed our last book today for the remainder of the year it was with great excitement and anticipation of our month ahead.  This will be our first big break since right before the baby was born last February.  I think we all are ready to have fun just being a family again.


One of our daily activities will be working through Ann Voskamp's book The Glorious Coming A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration.


The Glorious Coming - A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration


You can read more about The Glorious Coming and Ann here at her blog:


We read day 2 tonight and all pondered the consequences of sin entering the perfect world God created.  My 5 year old said, in all her youthful wisdom, "I wish satan had never become jealous of God.  Then we could be having fun with Jesus in the Garden right now."  My 9 year old added, "Yeah, we wouldn't need this book then."   Meaning, Jesus wouldn't of had to die for our sins if satan hadn't rebelled.  Wouldn't that be a delight?  Talking with Jesus in the beautiful Garden God made for us? 


Today, well tonight really, we went to Toys R Us to buy gifts for the 5 children we picked off our Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tree at the mall yesterday.  We picked 5 children for each of our children.  We had fun scurrying around the store looking for just the right gift for our Angel Tree children.  I have one gift that is coming in the mail next week.  Once that arrives we'll head back to the mall and drop our gifts off.  I don't have any pictures of Toys R Us, but I think you all know what they look like on the inside.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow and all the adventures it will hold.




KindredHeart said...

What a delightful, memorable month you're sharing with your loved ones! I'm so glad you're investing these moments in the lives of your family! I, too, am eagerly looking forward to making lots of warm, joyful memories with my "men" this month. Missey's life has touched us all.

Enjoy your weekend, friend! Much love ~

Jen Unsell said...


I LOVE your video with Christmas pictures from the past! I have looked at it twice! So fun!!!! It made me wish once again that we lived closer to each other. :-(

Thank you soooo much for posting about this advent study. We have one that we have used in years past but I had been looking for something different this year and just couldnt' find anything I really liked. I wanted to do a jesse tree with the kids. This is perfect. I bought it earlier today and downloaded it and printed already. I am really excited about this. It was really well done. We are starting a couple of days behind but will double up tomorrow and Monday when Bryan is off. The kids will love doing a Jesse Tree. They have never done one before. :-)