Thursday, December 21, 2006

And the answer is....


A Nativity Scene!

You all are so clever.  I'm impressed. :D  I'll be putting all your names in a hat and have my kids draw the name for the winner. 

Here's the close up of the major part of the scene.   This is Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and I guess it's the wisemen as they don't look like shepherds to me and I don't see any sheep. LOL  The clump of nuts over the whole thing is the star of Bethlehem.  The other part of the scene (scroll down to original picture to see) are the shepherds on a hill.  The pecans in the sky are the angels w/ the one solitare whole pecan being the one who gave the announcement. 

Pretty cute, huh?  It will be interesting to see what this dd ends up doing w/ her life.  I remember her drawing when she was around 4 or 5.  She was drawing this very tiny precise drawing of something and a stranger was watching her.  I don't remember where we were that a stranger was watching her draw.  But it wasn't something too bizarre.  It was probably something very pedestrian like a waiting room.  Anyway, this man commented on her drawing and said that it looked like she was, oh what was the word he used, something along the lines of an engineering mind kindof description.  Her very tiny precise drawings were so orderly and neat that this man felt she was probably inclined toward an engineering degree.  That comment has always stuck w/ me as I've watched A. grow and develop.  Her ability to work in miniature continues to improve and she is always creating something.

It is interesting to watch the difference between my two oldest dd's in their art.  Both are gifted, if I do say so myself ;-) , but they are both complete opposite as they go about their work.  E. draws and paints w/ abandon.  She draws bigger than life.  Bold and dramatic.  She creates new art works on a continual basis.  Where A. is much more refined, neat and delicate in her drawings.  She loves to study something and copy it.  She loves to go outside and paint or draw exactly what she sees.   Most of A's work is on a miniature scale where E.'s work takes up the whole page. 

This actually paints an accurate portrait of their personalities as well.  E. is off the cuff, what she's feeling is what she goes with.  She has no moderate, she's either on bouncing all over the place, guffawing loudly, think bull in a china store.  Or, she's off.  She's holed up in her room reading and you can't get a word out of her.   While  A., on the otherhand,  is very cautious.  Never wanting to do the wrong thing.  Always making sure everyone is happy and she is doing what she can to help.  She is usually on an even keel.  Happy but not too happy, if you know what I mean.  She is very emotional and sensitive and cries easily (like her mama ;-) )  E. , who does not cry, cannot understand me or A when we cry and thinks we're crazy! LOL

I'm still watching R and S (and of course J) to see how their personalities and preferences develop.  It's just interesting to see as at  7 &  9 you can see some very definite traits that were just a hint or whisper when they were younger, developing into maturity.

God is amazing in his creations, isn't he?  I love my kids and love even more being able to have them home to watch as they develop into the talents that God has given them.



Jen Unsell said...

Wahhhhhh!!! You had a contest and I missed it!!! I can't believe it!

Very creative of A!!!!! I love it!

jengresak said...

Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!