Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Growing Up or, Teens are so much fun

I just spent the morning with E., my eldest. She will be 14 next month. Life is flying by faster and faster.  When she was a baby I'd stare at her and wonder about these years, and now they are here!  I've enjoyed all the stages w/ my children, and I do get nostalgic at times for those younger years when "Ritter Bird" and "Bella's!", magnadoodles and painting and the endless reading of picture books took up our days. But, there's something about having a teen that makes up for all those memories fading quickly into the past. 

After her eye appointment, for her final contact lens fitting (see, getting older!), we headed to the grocery store. I never know exactly what this girl will come up with to talk about but I know it will always be something that makes me think! No shallow, superficial conversations with her!  LOL

Today's question was, "If you could go back in history for one day when would it be and why?"  The "rules", which I clarified ;), were, you were aware that you have gone back, so you had your own historical reference for the time period from a modern standpoint and you couldn't be hurt, well, maybe you could! LOL 

We both agreed that we'd love to spend a day at Jesus' feet, soaking up His teaching. E. also said she would also have liked to have been there for his resurrection, "How cool would that have been??"  If she couldn't pick those days then sometime in the 5th century BC.  When I asked why she picked that time period she answered, "Because there was so much happening at that time!" Where would she like to be in that time period, "Uh, in Athens, because that's where all the action was!" Then went on to tell me all the "amazing" things that were happening.

Glad to know that her education is sinking in afterall. ;)

On that note, I'm off to read Plutarch (Life of Demetrius) to my three oldest kiddo's...

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Amanda Towne said...

Very cool! I'm enjoying these kiddos as they grown into their teen years--they're just cool people.