Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Weather

For the most part we don't experience true fall weather like the rest of the country. Temperatures are still reaching the triple digits through the month of October, which means it's hot. :p

However, last week we were blessed with a low pressure system that came through and brought some rain and lots of wind that left us with highs in the 70's, thirty degrees cooler than normal! Yippee!

We soaked up that beautiful weather, enjoying every cool (to us ;) ) breeze.  It was short lived, we're back up in the upper 90's this week with little wind and no rain in sight.   It was a wonderful taste of what's to come in another month. :)

Some early morning pics of the kids E. took last week. :)

 Beautiful morning

Dear Fall, we anxiously anticipate your return!


Leslie said...

Loved her photos and glad you got an early peek at Fall. Hope all are feeling well at your home!


Jen U. said...

Great pictures, E!