Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Day


My sweet oldest daughter had much rejoicing today. First, she got the call from the coach extending an invitation to play club soccer next season. A dream she's had for many years and we finally decided to take the plunge and let her try.

That made her very, very happy but what made her even more happy and brought the biggest smile to her face, she finished reading Ivanhoe today!  And there was much rejoicing in the land. heeheehee  She didn't find Ivanhoe much to her liking. ;)

Since she was so happy to be done,  I've included her last narration (written) for Ivanhoe:

Chapters 42-44
Rebecca was getting scared because no one would fight for her in the arena except the Templar, and he was not a good fighter. The fair lady had nearly given up hope.
Suddenly, bursting heroically into the arena, came none other than IVANHOE HIMSELF!!! You could almost HEAR the trumpet fanfare!
“Hurry,” quavered the Templar, quickly taking off his armor and dumping it on Ivanhoe. “I’m not fighting anymore––you are!”
“YOU COWARD!” everyone screamed.
Then Ivanhoe, after strapping the armor on, rode courageously out into the arena.
Ah, yes, he fought bravely for his lady Rebecca’s honor. He finally struck down his sparring partner, the malevolent Malvoisin!
Malvoisin surrendered. He staggered out of the arena and his face turned white. Then he fell over dead, NEVER TO RISE AGAIN.
Rebecca thanked Ivanhoe, and then rode away to her homeland...
And Ivanhoe married Rowena, and they lived happily ever after. They had always loved each other from an early age!
Ivanhoe was greatly honored by Richard Cœur De Leon, and was brave for the rest of his days, which he used quite usefully, just as we had expected him to.
And that is that. The end.
            Rated: H
Well done, E. You stuck through it even when you didn't want to. One day you'll look back and be glad you've read all these amazing stories. For now, just keep on keeping on.  :)

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Leslie said...

Congrats on making the team! I hope it is tons for fun for all of you! I really enjoy sports. :-)