Friday, June 17, 2011

Camera Fun!

I've owned this Cannon Power Shot camera for, I don't know how many years. I think we bought shortly after moving here, so 6 years maybe?  I always meant to read the manual and figure out all the little settings. But let's be honest, when would I have done that? Playing on FB is so much more fun than reading a camera manual, right?   Besides, it is a "point and shoot" camera. Wouldn't it defeat the purpose to mess with settings? *grin*

E. has been experimenting ever since she first picked up the camera. She's always changing settings and messing w/ the basic, point and shoot aspect of this camera. She knows what most settings do, maybe not in the proper terms, but in more general, "this is how it looks when you take a picture in this setting" terms.  After her morning shoot, the camera was left in a funky mode. A. was taking pictures of our mongo zucchini specimens (okay, she was weighing them and taking pictures of them on the scale  heehee) and came to me asking how to get it off the setting that, and I quote, "makes everything fuzzy and not in focus".  We are all very technical around here. Which led us to experimenting with the settings. :D

These are the results. Don't ask me what the settings were because I haven't the faintest idea. All I know, some of them were pretty cool settings. I'll have to ask E. how to get them on there again when I'm feeling artsy. :)

My accomplice 
(I think this might just be B&W, although it's still blurry, so maybe not)

Wine stopper

When we saw the fun effect this setting had, we went about seeing what other colors would stay true while everything else around faded to b&w.

red tomato - only the yellow light from the overhead lights picked up color

Yellow works too!
Doesn't the wood floor look cool?

E's eyes are a greenish blue so naturally we had to see what would happen. Apparently, not enough green to make a difference. Wouldn't that have been a freaky picture if it had worked? LOL

And because I know you are curious as to how much our mongo zucchini's weighed...

2 pounds

1.5 pounds
and the winner, 3 pounds

Winner, take a bow! :)  (said in my best Cranium Hullabaloo voice)

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