Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TOS Review - Growing Healty Homes

For several years I've been thinking about finding a health curriculum for my family. Something that would incorporate nutrition along with the science of the human body. Imagine my delight when I discovered such a combination in Growing Healthy Homes, Nutrition 101:  Choose Life!, program.

Written by homeschooling moms -  Debra Raybern, N.D., M.H., C.N.C., I.C.A.; homeschool mother and researcher Sera Johnson, B.MU; mother and writer/editor Laura Hopkins, B.S.; and mother, grandmother and former Home Economics teacher Karen Hopkins, B.S, Nutrition 101 packs a healthy punch.

The book is a whooping 448 pages long and is divided into 6 units:

  1. The Brain and Nervous System
  2. Digestion and Elimination
  3. Respiration and Olfactory
  4. Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  5. Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
  6. Endocrine System and Emotions.
The major body systems are presented along with facts on how they function, common health issues and the benefits of healthy food choices vs bad food choices.

This book is biblically based and has over 80 yummy recipes (easy enough for the kids to do on their own!), science and art projects the lessons give sound reasons behind why you should choose healthy food beyond the pat answer of, "Because I said so!"  Kids will learn how food affects their everyday lives from brain function to physical fitness to setting themselves up for serious diseases in the future.  All of this is done in a very accessible, fun format. It's intensive enough that you can give highschool credit for your older students. You gotta like that! :)

You can check out a sample of the book  here.

This video is a great introduction to the program. It's a mixture of why it was developed along with testimonials from kids using the program and their parents. (turn off player on the right first :) )

The price for this program is $99.95 for the book version, $79.95 for the CD-ROM version or a combo pack of the book and CD for $129.95.  Right now you can get a great discount by using this promotional code. Just type in TOScrew11 at check out and you'll receive 15% off your entire order. :)

Also, is hosting a free Nutrition 101: Choose Life! webinar on April 21, 2011
at 3:00 PM-4:30 PM CDT.

You can also check them out on Facebook for more info on their product as well as other great offers and info.

This program is absolutely wonderful in every way. It is easily adapted to a co op setting or simple enough to use with just your own family. The recipes are easy and good!  The format is colorful and extremely informative. The only con that I can see, with a good portion of homeschooling families, who make every dollar stretch, would be the cost. I know I probably would have passed this up without even looking at it, just because of the price. I can assure you, now that I know what's in here, it's worth the price. This is a top notch, high quality health and nutrition class that can be used with a variety of ages, young and old, with a family of one or a large co op. (check out their page on using this in a co-op for licensing fee info and proper use)  You won't be disappointed with what you receive if you decide to purchase the curriculum for your homeschool.

While you're checking out this program, make sure to check out the other products Growing Healthy Homes has to offer. They have a neat looking assortment of products on nutrition, eating raw to name just a few.

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I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it.  I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.

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