Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Performance

My kids have been participating in our homeschool groups choir. Our choir director, Angelique, is just an amazing woman of God who really inspires these kids to give it their all and to give God all the glory.  My kids have really enjoyed being a part of the choir this year.

For Easter, Angelique put together a special program for the kids to perform. She had chorus singing, signing, speaking parts and solo's. They even performed a white glove act to "How He Loves Us".  I took a small snippet of video for this song, but my camera (a still one, not a video camera ;-) ) wasn't picking it up very well. I'm hoping to find a better copy from someone else that was taping. :)

(make sure to turn off the music to the right if you want to watch the videos)

My kids also had a chance to sing a song together. They sang a song that is very dear to them. Not only because of the songs powerful lyrics, which alone makes this song amazing, but they also love this song for private reasons, that I will keep private for them. :)

I apologize for the poor camera quality.  I really need to get a recorder and not just use my aim and shoot camera for videos! LOL 

A friend took some amazing pictures of the kids at dress rehearsal the day before.

The choir practicing

 Practicing for, "How He Loves Us"

Three of my girls make up the person

For the rehearsal, they only had one mic to practice with. 
It was hilarious watching them move the mic around. 

A and R "sharing" the mic

 E's turn

 S. led them all by starting the song.

After the performance!

It was a wonderful evening with all the kids singing their hearts out for the Lord 

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